Our Values

Ways to Wellness is based on a set of principles or values as follows:

  1. Tackling health inequality. People in deprived areas have much poorer health and a higher incidence of long term health conditions than average. This is unfair and unnecessary and the consequences cost society more than it should.
  2. Physical activity and social connection. There is good evidence that levels of both of these are very significant factors in people’s health and wellbeing.
  3. Peer Support. Education about healthy behavior helps, but it rarely works alone. To be effective in supporting change, people need information that is carefully aligned with their everyday lives. Peer support is important and this can come from someone who has a similar health condition, friends and family, or people who understand firsthand the circumstances of someone’s life.
  4. Building social capital. Ways to Wellness wants to build social capital in the communities it is trying to serve wherever possible because this supports our overall mission.
  5. Complementing the National Health Service. We aim to complement the existing and evolving work of the NHS. It is one of the best health providers in the world, but some aspects face limits.
  6. Serving a diverse population. The west of Newcastle contains both rich and poor areas, it has some high concentrations of BME populations and a higher than average number of people with disabilities. We aim to serve everyone and in some cases this requires particular initiatives to achieve that reach.
  7. Efficiency and value for money. Good intentions are useless without good management and governance. We believe in evidence, measuring what we do, working efficiently, setting targets and tackling poor performance.
  8. Learning, openness and partnership. We believe in sharing information about what we do, learning from others and working in partnership.
  9. Professional conduct. Ways to Wellness Directors and Staff will abide by the Seven Principles of Public Life, also known as the "Nolan principles".


  • This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme for this year is loneliness, which affects more and more of us… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…9:00 AM - 9 May 2022

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Posted March 16th 2022

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I feel so much better - happier and healthier. It has been such a positive experience for me.