E-bulletin 14 - April 2015

28 April 2015

Ways to Wellness: 14th Bulletin

Welcome to the 14th Bulletin for the Ways to Wellness Project. The Bulletin assumes that readers are already familiar with the Ways to Wellness Service, so if you are not already aware of our work then please refer to the FAQs here.

Mobilisation Phase of Ways to Wellness Underway

Ways to Wellness is pleased to report that the mobilisation phase of the service successfully launched on the 7th of April 2015. This means that Ways to Wellness is now accepting social prescribing referrals for patients with long term conditions (LTCs) from all eighteen practices in the west of Newcastle. It is expected that our mobilisation phase will continue until approximately the end of June. During this time we will be optimising the processes behind the service and building further awareness among the communities we serve.

In the Press

Ways to Wellness has been in the press following the agreement of funding and in anticipation of our launch. For example, the Cabinet Office and Bridges Ventures produced their own press releases and the Health Services Journal reported on the Ways to Wellness service in their 27 March 2015 issue.

Building our Team and Office

Since our last bulletin our new Chief Executive, Tara Case, started in post on the 16th of March. We have also recently welcomed our new Finance and Contract Manager, Amie Callan, who started on the 13th of April.

Ways to Wellness has recently relocated its office to the Biomedical Research Building at the top of the Newcastle General Hospital site. We are pleased to now be located in the west of Newcastle, in the area of the population we serve.

Website and Future Bulletins

We are very close to going live with a full website at www.waystowellness.org.uk. In the future, our latest news will be a feature on this website and therefore this could be our last bulletin sent out in this format.

Building Awareness of the Ways to Wellness Service

We are planning a more comprehensive launch of the Ways to Wellness service, in terms of communications, marketing and media, circa late June 2015. Our main aim will be to raise awareness in the communities we serve, primarily among those living with the long-term conditions we can help with and the primary care teams that work with them. But a secondary aim will be to shine a spotlight on the west of Newcastle, and those involved in developing and supporting Ways to Wellness, as among the first in the world to pioneer the use of social impact funding in health.

- Tara Case, Chief Executive, on behalf of Ways to Wellness Ltd

For general enquiries about Ways to Wellness please contact info@waystowellness.org.uk

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