The Ways to Wellness Deep Dive report can be found at:

This Deep Dive report is the first of a series of evaluation reports being produced as part of Commissioning Better Outcomes (CBO) Fund Evaluation,commissioned by the Fund and undertaken by Ecorys UK and ATQ Consultants. The report was written by James Ronicle, Senior Research Manager at Ecorys UK and Neil Stanworth, Director at ATQ.

The report is based on a review of documents provided by stakeholders and consultations with key stakeholders involved in the Ways to Wellness service and its Social Impact Bond (SIB) funding. Consultations were held with representatives from the Newcastle Gateshead CCG, Ways to Wellness, Bridges Ventures and the four service providers. Consultations took place just as the intervention was beginning in early 2015. The report will be updated in subsequent years to provide an account of Ways to Wellness' progress.