Latest News: 29th of April 2016

Ways to Wellness is on Target

We are pleased to report that Ways to Wellness is 3% above target for referrals of new patients into the service. In the first year of service, April 2015 to March 2016, we have worked with 1,126 new patients, 83% of which we were still working with into year 2.

Achieving beyond our ambitious referral targets in our first year is a reflection of the dedication of those involved – Link Workers, GP practice staff and patients and residents in the west of Newcastle, amongst others.

Patient Outcomes

Ways to Wellness aims to achieve two main patient outcomes: (a) improved patient wellbeing and (b) reduced hospital costs. Ways to Wellness expects to receive data for year one hospital costs in the coming months.

Outcomes measures for patient wellbeing have been completed with 197 patients in year one. On average, these patients reported that their wellbeing has improved by four points on the Well-being StarTM, which is considered a very significant improvement. In descriptive terms, these changes represent a client moving from describing themselves as, "finding out how they can improve things in their life to feel more in control", to "making changes". Many report that they are now "managing their lives pretty well".

The areas where patients have reported the most significant improvements in wellbeing are: (a) work, volunteering and other activities, (b) lifestyle and (c) feeling positive.

In the Press & Sharing the Model

The Cabinet Office has shortlisted Ways to Wellness and Bridges Ventures for a Social Investment Award in Public Service Transformation – winners will be announced on the 3rd of May. 2020health has invited Ways to Wellness to Westminster to participate in an “intelligence exchange on new models of care”.

– Tara Case, Chief Executive, on behalf of Ways to Wellness Ltd

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