Latest News: 6th of March 2017

Patient quote: “It has been absolutely wonderful … honestly it was the turning point in my life. Because I had reached rock bottom and I just needed practical help to try and get back up…

Ways to Wellness provides a comprehensive, long-term service for people who need it most

  • Ways to Wellness has supported over 2,400 people living with long-term conditions since starting in April 2015
  • Ways to Wellness aims to work with patients, on average, for more than 18 months, to support sustained lifestyle changes
  • Link workers spend an average of 8.4 hours with each patient, which represents an average of 23 contacts per patient
  • Patients set an average of between 4 and 5 goals with their Link Workers, the great majority of which are related to physical health and lifestyle
  • 60% of patients are signposted to external services or organisations to help them to achieve their goals, with an average of 2.3 signpostings per person
  • Patients referred to Ways to Wellness have a higher level of co-morbidity than those who meet the referral criteria for Ways to Wellness as a whole, with 55% having 3 or more long-term conditions

Ways to Wellness is delivering strong results

  • Over 800 patients have completed Well-being StarsTM assessments, to measure their change in wellbeing since starting service.
  • On average, these patients’ wellbeing has improved by 3.5 points; well above expected (an increase of 1 point or above is considered to be a significant improvement).
  • Patients are moving from describing themselves as, "finding out how they can improve things in their life to feel more in control", to "making changes". Many patients report that they are now "managing their lives pretty well"

GP Practice Staff Satisfaction Survey

  • 28 GP practice staff responded to a satisfaction survey in the autumn of 2016. Responses were 90% positive across survey questions.

GP practice staff quote: “Excellent service that has helped our patients in ways that other services have been unable to.”

Awards and Recognition

  • First Place in the NHS Innovations North Bright Ideas in Health award – Innovation in Primary Care
  • Shortlisted for the UK Social Investment Awards – Public Service Transformation
  • Shortlisted for Charity Times Awards 2016 – Social Investment Initiative
  • Shortlisted for UK Social Enterprise Awards 2016 – Social Investment Deal

Patient quote: “I’ve broadened my horizons and I get out… I’ve got a lot more confidence… I’m going to things I would never ever have dreamt of doing.

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