Latest News: 21st of July 2017

GP practice staff quote: "Without Ways to Wellness I believe our patients would be missing out on opportunities to regain their self confidence and adapt lifestyle changes."

Ways to Wellness continues to deliver strong results

Ways to Wellness has received referrals for over 3,000 people living with long-term conditions in the west of Newcastle upon Tyne since starting in April 2015. Of these, approximately 2,400 have engaged with the service thus far. We have measured wellbeing improvement for the 1,100 patients who have been with the service for 6 months or longer. Patients’ average wellbeing improvements continue to be higher than expected across a range of wellbeing domains, particularly (a) lifestyle and (b) work, volunteering and other activities, (c) feeling positive and (d) managing symptoms.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

In late June, Ways to Wellness sent out over 450 patient satisfaction surveys; 100 responses have been received back thus far. The results will be analysed once the survey is closed but interim results look very positive and include some helpful feedback. Full survey results will be included in the next update.

Patient quote: “I have received the most supportive and helpful service to deal with my personal and professional goals.

Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle University – research findings

Researchers at the Institute of Health and Society at Newcastle University have published research about Ways to Wellness in BMJ Open based on interviews they conducted with thirty adults with long-term conditions who engaged with Ways to Wellness. They found that most of the participants experienced multi-morbidity combined with mental health problems, low self-confidence and social isolation. All the patients were adversely affected physically, emotionally and socially by their health problems. The Ways to Wellness intervention was found to increase the patients feeling of control and self-confidence, reduce their social isolation and have a positive impact on their health-related behaviours, including weight loss, healthier eating and increased physical activity. Patients reported improved management of their long-term conditions, improved mental health, greater resilience and more effective problem-solving strategies. Read more about the research:

Patient quote: "At the very beginning, we agreed that [the Link Worker] would work around me, not me around her … it’s different. You talk about it. You're relaxed … You're in charge of it.”