Latest News: 11th of July 2018

Patient quote: "“I can say quite comfortably now, the referral to Ways to Wellness was a major turning point… You have allowed me to reprioritise my life and needs and basically reassess myself and the direction I’m going in.”

Ways to Wellness continues to deliver strong results

The delivery of Ways to Wellness is on track and delivering a high-quality service to thousands of patients. Since its' launch in April 2015, the service has received over 4,700 referrals, of which 3,600 patients have actively engaged with the service.

The service shows significant improvements in patient self-reported wellbeing, with results well above target.

Analysis of hospital cost data shows that patients referred to Ways to Wellness have a higher average level of medical complexity and need. Patients who have engaged with the Ways to Wellness service showed 11% lower hospital costs in 2017/18 compared with the control group. Hopsital activity levels also show a decreasing trend for the Ways to Wellness cohort when compared with the control group.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Ways to Wellness received 116 (25%) responses to a 2017 postal satisfaction survey exploring patient engagement, experience and recommendations for improvement. Themes from patient survey responses include:

  • Patients report that their involvement in the service results in them feeling more supported, positive and confident about how to manage their health
  • Patients feel that a positive relationship with their Link Worker has been essential to the changes they have made in their lives
  • Many clients identify similar priority areas: weight loss, healthy eating, management of their long-term condition, increased activity and exercise

Key results include:

  • 94% of respondents would recommend the service to their friends or family
  • 82% of respondents agreed that their Link Worker helped them to achieve the goals that are important to them
  • 78% report that the activities or services that their Link Worker suggested have helped them to reach their goals and/or improve their health and wellbeing

Research by the Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle University

The Institute of Health and Society at Newcastle University, conducted a pilot research project funded by the School for Public Health Practice Evaluation Scheme. The research asked people to complete five questionnaires looking at quality of life, loneliness and social isolation, depression, anxiety and managing long-term illness. Well over half the participants reported problems with quality of life and managing their health, but after attending Ways to Wellness social prescribing, improvements were found across all measures, particularly with self-care, pain and discomfort. Those aged 60-74 reported much greater levels of improvements.

Patient quote:“I never knew that the GP surgery could offer this kind of service, I am so pleased that I have my link worker to contact when I need help.”