Latest news: March 2019

Ways to Wellness has demonstrated reductions in hospital costs of over £1.2 million in 2017/18.

Service Impact

Patient engagement

Since Ways to Wellness’ launch in April 2015, the service has received over 5,800 referrals, of which over 4,400 patients have actively engaged with the service.

Patient wellbeing improvements

Change in wellbeing has been measured for more than 2,700 clients who have been with the service for six months or longer. The average improvement for these clients is 3.1 points (an increase of 11%) on the Well-being Star. The top four (of eight) areas of wellbeing improvement are:

Wellbeing domain




work, volunteering and other activities


feeling positive


managing symptoms


Hospital cost savings & cost-benefit analysis

A comparison of Ways to Wellness clients with a similar group of patients who hadn’t used Ways to Wellness showed that in 2017/18 the average annual hospital cost for Ways to Wellness clients was £86 per head less. Furthermore, Ways to Wellness clients used hospital services 18% less. This equates to an annual saving in hospital costs to the NHS of over £1.2 million. The net savings for the CCG was approximately £440,000.

The CCG paid £780,000 in outcome payments to Ways to Wellness in 2017/18, which funded 22 Link Workers who worked with approximately 3,000 patients (including receiving 1,600 new patient referrals) with long-term conditions in the year, supporting them to improve their health and wellbeing.

Updated website: sharing learning

Ways to Wellness has created a new webpage to share learning and resources. If you are interested in finding out more about developing or delivering a social prescribing service, social impact bond and/or outcome-based contract, please have a look at the webpage. If you require further details or support please contact us.


Ways to Wellness has been shortlisted for the BMJ Awards 2019 in the Prevention and Lifestyle category; awards to be announced late April 2019.