Ways to Wellness was set up to deliver ‘at scale’ social prescribing to the people of West Newcastle. In January 2020, Ways to Wellness reached the milestone of 7,000 referrals. Below is a brief update on our reach and impact to date.

Patient engagement

Since Ways to Wellness’ launch in April 2015, the service has received over 7,000 referrals, of which over 5,300 patients have actively engaged with the service.

Patient wellbeing improvements double target

Improvements to patient wellbeing continue to be significantly higher than originally anticipated. Improvements are measured six-monthly using the Well-being Star™. Change in wellbeing has been measured for almost 4,000 clients. The average improvement for these clients is 3.4 points, an increase of 11%. The top three (of eight) areas of wellbeing improvement are:

Wellbeing domain




work, volunteering and other activities


feeling positive


Hospital costs estimated at 45% lower than comparison group

Ways to Wellness compares annual hospital costs for our patients with a similar group of patients who do not have access to our service. For the 12 months ending October 2019 (latest data available) the average annual hospital cost for the Ways to Wellness patients is estimated at 45% lower than the patients in the comparison group.

This difference equates to £2.3 million less in annual hospital spend, compared to the similar group of patients who hadn’t used Ways to Wellness.