Service Provider Organisations

The Ways to Wellness long-term conditions service is delivered jointly by Ways to Wellness and a service provider organisation, Everyturn. Together, we deliver the core elements of the Ways to Wellness service. We provide services to the patients referred from a portion (cluster) of the participating General Practices in the east and west of Newcastle upon Tyne. We employ a team of link workers and manage relationships with the staff in their cluster of GP practices. We work closely with each other and link with other organisations whose services and activities we guide some patients to use.

Delivering together allows us to observe different approaches to delivery, and the different results that are achieved. It also provides the opportunity for us to learn from each other, benefiting from our different areas of strength.


Everyturn (previously Mental Health Concern) provide a wide range of specialist mental health services in the North East of England. They are a not-for-profit organisation and are primarily commissioned to run their services by the NHS and Local Authorities.
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