How can the SPACE pilot help me?

The SPACE pilot supports children and their families, who receive care from the Great North Children’s Hospital. We help families who have a child aged 0-15 years with conditions such as:
• Cerebral palsy
• Epilepsy
• Autism
• Other chronic disability related to a neurological condition

We offer non-medical support to complement the work of clinicians in the Great North Children’s Hospital. This type of service is sometimes called social prescribing. We help you to feel more confident to manage your health and wellbeing. Our link workers focus on what matters to you and supporting you to make positive choices. Where appropriate, we will link you to support and services in the community that can help you achieve your goals.

The SPACE pilot will run until February 2024. It will be based in the Great North Children’s Hospital, which is in Newcastle upon Tyne and provides treatment for children across the North of England.

What will happen if I’m referred?

Once you have been referred to the SPACE pilot by your clinician, a Ways to Wellness link worker will meet you, usually while you are still in hospital. You can click here to find out if you are eligible.

Our link worker will help you to identify areas in your life that could be impacting your health and wellbeing outside of hospital and enable you to take steps towards living well. Together you will develop an action plan, which may include a range of support and activities.

You will then see your link worker regularly over the following months and they will support and encourage you to stay on track. Our support will usually last up to six months.

We can help by providing someone:

  • To talk to confidentially
  • Who will not judge you or talk down to you
  • Who is practical and helpful
  • Who can help you decide what you’d like to do to feel healthier
  • Who can find you services and activities that will suit your needs. In some instances they can go along with you to start with, so that you don’t have to go on your own
  • Who can help you arrange appointments with medical and other services at times that suit you
  • Who can give you support along the way
  • Who can help you take control.

Because this is a pilot project, we may ask you to participate in research that will help us to measure the impact this is having for you and our other clients. Asking these questions will also help us to understand what matters to you, and how we can help you.

Click here to find out more about the evaluation of the project here.
Click here to find out more about whether you are eligible for support.

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